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Head of English & Writing

Falmouth University

Cosmographies Conference

Textual and Visual Cultures of Outer Space


  • Dr. Niamh Downing (Senior Lecturer in English and Writing)
  • Dr. Dario Llinares (Senior Lecturer in Film)
  • Dr. Sarah Arnold (Senior Lecturer in Film)

Cosmographies is a 2-day conference which took place at Falmouth University, 24-25 July 2014, supported by the British Interplanetary Society. The symposium brought together scholars from the arts, humanities and space studies, to explore representations of ‘outer space’ in textual and visual culture, including literature, film, digital media, photography, material culture, ephemera and popular culture. The event attracted international delegates from Europe and the United States, and enabled dialogue between scholars in order to establish new ways of investigating the significance of 'outer space' as a rich source of socio-cultural production.

The conference included an exciting field trip to Goonhilly Earth Station thanks to the kind collaboration of GES Ltd. Images below.

See http://www.cosmographies.co.uk

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