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Head of English & Writing

Falmouth University

Life 2.0: Field Trip to Second Life

In January 2013 and January 2014, I ran field trips to Second Life for Games Cultures and Alt Dot Writing students with colleagues Annabel Banks (creative writing module tutor) and Steph Comley (Learning Technologist). Students met writer and publisher Adele Ward (aka Jilly Kidd) of Ward Wood Publishing who introduced them to her writing region, Written Word, in SL.


Edited moments of the trip from 2013.

  • Creating and altering the appearance of a new avatar
  • Welcome Island - learning to walk, sit
  • Visiting clothes shop
  • Talk and Tour by Jilly Kidd at Written Word
  • Sitting in writing cabin at Written Word
  • Talking to other Second Lifers in the London region
  • Flying to see London Bridge